Lionel Messi was very wrong about this

The Argentine star predicted the semi-final, in other words, he said of the four teams he considered the big favorites – but of course he predicted, even before the round of 16 on Tuesday afternoon, that the Spaniards would get in too. there.

“Argentina is among the favourites,” Messi said. – “He’s very strong and always among the best. We proved that again against Australia.”

He revealed this, then turned to the opponents: “We watch all the World Cup matches that we can.”

“Despite the defeat against Cameroon, Brazil are showing very well. One of the biggest favourites. France is doing very well as well, and Spain, despite losing to Japan, is a team that plays very well, it’s hard to take the ball away from them, they are They have a lot of possession. It’s hard to beat them.”

Messi also expressed his opinion on the Germans’ elimination: “I was surprised that they were eliminated. They had so many quality players, a young team that is always among the best in the World Cup. It’s surprising that they didn’t get out of the group again, but it also shows how difficult the World Cup is. Not The name of the national team is important, but what it displays on the field.

Editorial photo: MTI/AP/Thaná chassisz Stavrakis

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