Lightyear Frontier introduced with gameplay video at gamescom

Lightyear Frontier introduced with gameplay video at gamescom

gamescom 2022

In the adventure game, we will plant the garden with mica.

30.08.2022. 09:30 | Jax | Classification: gamescom 2022

The first gameplay video was shown on gamescom light year border, where we start a new life on an alien planet in an adventure game. Mica will help us more in this matter, which will not only do the hard part of the work for us, but will also grow.

In the video, we can see our new assistant, weather, raw materials and the stages of building our new home in more detail.

In Lightyear Frontier, we’ve landed on an alien planet in the far corner of the galaxy, where discovery will become every day. Not only will we have to find and use edible plants essential to our survival, but there will also be a large number of other valuable materials. We can address them by developing our technology and building new buildings, and they will serve as the basis for useful upgrades.

While roaming in the game, we can learn about the history of the previous inhabitants of the planet through ancient ruins and long-forgotten objects. And if you don’t want to explore this lush, green and rich world on your own, you can involve three other players in the adventure.

Lightyear Frontier will be released in Spring 2023 for PC and Xbox. ■

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