Lighting with soot torches, traveling with moving boxes

Lighting with soot torches, traveling with moving boxes

Dr. Istvan Janos mb. The Vice-Chancellor and Head of the Foundation put it this way: to work for science, to work in it, is very important.

He said: “One of our most important tasks is to make science understandable to the public and to publish it in a simplified way so that it is clear to all.”

Back in time

The ceremonial public lecture titled “Questions from the Past, the Mystery of Man” was given by Mihaly Chimadam György Monkatsi, painter, art writer, film director and member of the Department of Fine Arts at the Hungarian Academy of Arts, and while speaking on many topics, he came close to the process of evolution, as revealed to the public : According to him, science and art go hand in hand.

– The greatest knowledge is when we realize: what cannot be learned – This is how he started his presentation and talked about how the kind of knowledge we possess would become clear if we could time travel. – If we meet, for example, people who light soot lamps in the Middle Ages, can we explain to them that there is another way to give light? Or will they understand that we travel in moving boxes and that we live in cubes built on top of each other? He hardly said and surprised many by saying that Neanderthals knew more about the world than the people living today.

Yeti and Hobbits

They knew the course of the stars, the laws of nature, the animal and plant world, unlike us, who are as ignorant of each other as slices of man. According to many, we have rituals and ceremonies because we are separated from nature, while animals eat it. Evolution cannot answer many questions – for example, what explains the process of turning a caterpillar into a butterfly? The history of evolution must be rewritten as often as scientists encounter – said György Szemadám, who believes that we are only scratching the surface, and who believes that it is not necessary to prove everything, but it is not necessary to create false hypotheses.

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Evolutionary theories are brilliant and clever, but they shed an interesting light on human thinking. The artist, who also spoke about the Yeti and the Hobbits in his interesting show, which raised many questions about the long history of human development – in connection with each important stage of her work.

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