The German tourist looked great when he found a lost credit card with Harrison Ford’s name on it.

Sicilian police said over the weekend that Harrison Ford had his abandoned credit card back. The actor lost his plastic card on the coast of Mondello, a town near Palermo, but fortunately found it by an honest German tourist.

The News agency The card with Ford’s name was taken to the police station, where the credit card was traced and then returned to Sicily Indiana Jones The latest part of the Hollywood star. The cops took the opportunity, they also took a picture with Ford.

By the way, the card was personally delivered by police investigator Manfredi Borsellino, the son of Paolo Borsellino, who was one of the most decisive figures in the fight against the mafia as a prosecutor in the 80s and was a victim of inferno. The 1992 assault in Palermo.

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