Life + Style: The best way to get away from crazy confinement

Life + Style: The best way to get away from crazy confinement

Gulács always cares because Gulács are wild. The wilderness no one loves, and the mountains that no one loves are mine.

Gulács should be climbed once by everyone who cares about the mountains, of course only after hiking the entire Badacsony Plateau. But if Badacsony is hiding out on the prettiest evening, in an all-jewel-decked suit or sewn by an Englishman’s tailor and a cloud of face liquor, then Gulács himself is raw nudity: I might not put it on a magazine cover, but it still makes everyone understand what’s desirable. Gulács is like dividing the Witness Mountains and witnessing the volcanic activity of Hungary today a few million years ago – volcanic basalt is a more durable material than anything else around it, so while all the other materials have been eroded, the mountains formed from the lava left – and it will be the mountain. Gulács is not like a mountain that was once a volcano, but as if it was still a volcano. A sleeping lion is not recommended to draw a finger with it: You stare out of the Balaton heights like a deliberately aggressive mocha cub that has not calmed down for millions of years.

The Julax


Because there is

This was George Howry’s arrogant and proud answer to the question of why he wanted to climb the mountain at all, when he first attempted to climb Mount Everest. However, one climbs a mountain – which in most cases in Hungary looks something like this: walking to the top of a mountain – because it is like life, even if life is fair. One struggles with something, he even enjoys this struggle in the meantime, and in the end gets the appropriate reward for it: the view from above where there is no other beside us, just around the landscape, and the feeling that he has made the most of his reach on the mountain. I cut it, achieved it, and now it is better for me than it was before – although everything will simply be fine. There’s no need for an organized jungle bath, with delicately deserted phones, breathing and yoga exercises, and the jungle will reassure anyone without leaving.

And it is also good to climb a mountain, because there at last you hear only sounds that the owners do not want to cross, do not cause tension, you do not have to comply with them, and do not cause any anxiety: the thunderous flutter of friction of leaves in the wind, the constant interpretation of fists, albeit more Good luck, smearing bull’s eyes in aviaries, howling a shell swirling between the two mountains, and breaking a dry branch under its feet, which jumps at best a deer from a bush to remind you that no big nets are better without a zoo. An hour of silence and crackling in a calming effect equates to three glasses of wine, not the next day. Of course, this requires the presence of hundreds of people, and they scream children, and adults scream, and usually there is no one with a human voice, because then

This is the first paradox in tourism: a tourist can only be truly happy if there is no tourist anywhere.

Basalt members of Badacsony and Ranolder Cross


And Gulács are extremely wild, driving only one hiking trail to the summit, sometimes steeper than a really comfortable late winter than ankle-molting mud, and for some time before the peak, there is only one track, perhaps if it’s 40 cm long is a wide lane. For one man, so you might be happy to park because there is only one more tourist than the ideal tourist, but with this tourist, we are already used to living together. Meters of slippery meters in the mud, I wonder who and how he could have left it there: It would take very little, as in Lynch’s movie, to see myself stepping back from top to back and then a huge sled in the mud and know it was me.

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Walking along the only small tourist trail of the Golax is like falling into a cartoon: a lizard that burrows in a frosty hole in front of me, but stops there, turns around and stares at me for so long as no one understands it. The Son of Man has come here, and this experience greatly repeats the climax where there is a hoofed animal – a goat? But how do domestic goats get here? He also came back in disbelief after a few meters to see if he had actually been driven out of his place by some form of mortal, and only after long reflection is he willing to put up with the fact that he must go.

Gulács is an incredible lizard


It’s just silence, it’s not, but Hungary is too small to be silent: you can hardly find a place in any forest where traffic noise or other artificial sounds, even a railroad that splits the ear, never pierces, like in a quiet forest. Mecsek, at first glance, Pécs above. But when I stop in front of the summit on an outcrop, next to small members of basalt, and look at Lake Balaton and Padaxone – so close that you can see the Kisvaludi observatory at the top, if I crossed the other summit fast enough, I might still be able to see myself on it – and the road noise is filtered out. 71, it is just as loud as the mischievous screams of seagulls heard from the water. At least two are equal, that’s a thing.

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But of course in front of Goulaks, exhausted like a cone and calling in its cruelty, we still have to see Padxone, the nobility of the witness mountains,

If nothing else, it’s just for the inn, the most beautiful point in the country.

Because there is no other place in Hungary like this, where we have everything that could be within our borders: a huge and always beautiful water surface from the top, actually small mountains, but it is very romantic, great forests and great slopes, it just depends on where you turn it . A man with his head. (This can be seen in the cover photo above.)

Kisvaludi and other unfortunate people


Of course, seeing the same thing on top of the mountain from the Kisfaludy Observatory, but artificially, there is no feeling that we have found the only stone that we stepped on, like crossing paintings that served as a hiding door in Harry Potter books, to much. A more beautiful world. The view is indescribable, no matter how long you can view it while the others line up on guard. One could write a poem here and then realize that it would be very lean, but the kitsch is that if you describe it too much, watching live broadcasts is great.

Of course, Páholykő is just a gem from Badacsony, this is the whole road, by following the Kéktúra path and sometimes the red lane: at the Ranolder intersection you have a view of Lake Balaton not anywhere else – before that I used to think that Balatonvilágos High the beach was unbeatable, but I no longer think – Returning from observation, to the witnessing mountains to unfold in one fell swoop, we do not really live in a geographically boring country, but in the immediate vicinity of Mordur, in the sinister mountains, where anything really conceivable seems to be in the fog to the romantic footpaths that once existed Centuries ago. Especially in Julax, of course, on a dark volcano in his dream.

Balaton, Hungary, and Mordora (Gulax on the left)


Of course, it would be unfair to omit St.George Hill from the list, as the road to the summit might not be the best, but halfway through the sound of the wind at the whistles of the basalt members: the stone formations of the whole. The area is the most picturesque here, as there is a wall on the hill, however, anyone can step over it at the top to look down to forty feet on the side of the vertical chimneys strewn with stones, and even those who don’t recognize the spatial effect of the hesitation for a moment. Then you can see Badacsony from the top here too – where can’t you?

Badacsony is the Eiffel Tower in the Balaton Uplands.

Csobánc closes. One might think that once there is only one hiking trail there, Lake Balaton is barely visible from the top, and although it does have a circular panorama, it is, but until then, who exactly cares about this witness hill? Well all because I have a ruined castle on it. You can climb halfway by car, it is incomprehensible why you are allowed to go, and then the road to the summit, the castle and the self-sufficient crowd is not very exciting, even in half an hour, although of course not the Rocky and Philadelphia stairs that float before his spiritual eyes, he has lost It takes a little longer than that, but at least it holds true for a workout. They say we have to get to the noon because the panorama is such that wherever the sun is, it shines in our eyes, only if it is just above us, then no, so I get in at noon and I can really see the fog from all directions – no excuse for hiking in Winter is against (who cares about spring? The forest is the same forest without green leaves), but a winter hike gets me back. The same was true in Szigliget: The view from the castle was definitely beautiful, but the fog was bigger than the crowd, even the castle wall, if you offered.

The heyday of Csobánc


In the immediate vicinity of Csobánc, Tóti is really calm, as if nature said it was a silent area: here there is no woodpecker, only a nut, that is, the same sound, but more calm, the bird is more beautiful, but better than that, it can hide , So she remains a little tapping, tapping and tapping, and the outstretched eye only sees the twigs. On the other hand, the road to the summit does not reach the front pages of social magazines, like The Evening of Badacsony, nor to age groups, like Naked Csobánc: it’s mostly a broad and boring economic road, the situation just gets tougher before the summit, at least you can sweat it. Here, as in Gulács, only two barren and rocky square meters are the culmination, if there are other people here it not only spoils the experience but it is almost possible to fit them, you have to look for a secluded spot where you bake in winter. Anyone who blushes like the best compliment. It’s nice to see that we also have such unfriendly peaks, how friendly they are anyway from the built hilltops!

And there are Hegyestű, Somló, Haláp and Hegyesd in the Witness Mountain Range, so why not come back. They don’t have to climb because they’re there. But because in the Balaton Uplands, the hiking up the mountain peaks, away from the noise of the people, you can tell what peace is. Where else is this possible in this country?

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