According to the prime minister, the government represents everyone, regardless of who they like.

Anthony Albanese is the first Australian Prime Minister to attend the Mardi Gras gay day parade in Sydney while in office – writes bbc. In 2016, then-Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was present at the event but did not take part in the parade.

An estimated 12,000 people participated in the march.

“This is a celebration of modern Australia,” Albanese said, calling it unfortunate that he is the first prime minister to attend the event. “People want to see their government open and representative of everyone, whoever they like, whoever they are, and wherever they live.”

Penny Wong, Australia’s first openly gay female MP, also marched this year. By the way, Albanese has participated in the show before as a Member of Parliament. Opposition politicians also participated in the event, while others criticized the prime minister, some accusing him of merely wanting to please a minority, and others accusing him of not dealing with the crime wave that had developed in Alice Springs.


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