Naomi Osaka is keeping herself away from journalists for the sake of her mental health.

Global runner-up Naomi Osaka was fined $ 15,000 for not speaking to the media after Sunday’s match. The Japanese tennis player announced last week that he would not attend press conferences at Roland Garros due to his mental health, and he appears to be sticking to it. However, Grand Slam organizers indicated that if they do not speak to reporters, they can expect more heavy penalties and may suspend more tournaments.

So far, Naomi Osaka’s reaction has been so vague on Twitter that “anger stems from a lack of understanding” and “people understand themselves uncomfortably because of the changes.”

The organizers tried to contact him and assured him of their support but also reminded him of his commitments. Part of this is that they have to be available to the media, regardless of the outcome of the matches, and it is part of their responsibility towards the sport and the fans.

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Naomi Osaka released a statement last Wednesday saying she will not be interviewing Roland Garros because press conferences have a negative impact on her mental health. According to him, the questions the contestants ask after defeat are similar to them still filling in while they are already on the ground. It also raised the issue of asking the same questions over and over and trying to sow doubt in them. He wrote, “I will not expose myself to people who doubt me.”

Under the Grand Slam tournament rules, tennis players can be fined up to $ 20,000 if they fail to fulfill their media obligations.

Many of Osaka’s colleagues welcomed the position of the Japanese tennis player, although many accepted that the media was part of their job.

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