The actor stayed at the same hotel where a British couple had their wedding and reception afterwards. So at some point he surprised the young couple.

James and Nikki Rodnight were having their wedding at a hotel in Northamptonshire last weekend when the groom noticed that Keanu Reeves was staying at the same hotel as them. the bride According to his report James Rodnight spotted the actor at the bar and approached him, telling him he had just gotten married and if he wanted to, Reeves could join them for a drink.

“He was very friendly and said he’d join in later. We didn’t know if that was actually going to happen or not, but it was great that my husband talked to him,” Nikki Rodnight tells Newsweek.

Then, an hour later, Reeves showed up, someone from the hotel staff told the bride that a very special guest was waiting for them outside. The actor did not join the wedding, did not drink with them, but was happy to take pictures with the young couple and some guests.

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