He also does not stay as an actor, perhaps continuing to work as a freelancer.

Judith Shell quits at The Thalia Theatre. This The actress betrayed indexto. Schell had a contract with the theater until September as art director, but decided that if it ended, he wouldn’t continue.

“I thought it was time for a change in many areas of my life, so it was time for a change in theater as well,” he said of his resignation, adding that he was already somewhat of a cyclical: he spent eight years at the Radnót Theater and left the National Theater in his ninth year .

Judith Schell lived in Spain for a year, during which time she performed her duties, but as of September she will no longer be with the company as an actress, and will likely continue to work as a freelancer.

Index also asked the actress if she had any specific plans, but she replied, “No, I haven’t spent my days out knocking on all kinds of doors on the Internet or drawing attention to myself for my future. I’ve lived in my own scene, and now I’m still on this beautiful journey, Then we’ll see how we go.” He added: He is not afraid of changes, he believes that they bring good things.

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