The US ambassador said at the Pride Parade that, in his opinion, Hungary's “dangerous situation” with gay people also worries Hungarians.

It is a wonderful country with a rich history. A place where people stand up and fight for freedom. I believe that people who walk today do so in the best traditions of the country. The United States is honored to be with them

“The United States is committed to protecting the Palestinian people,” US Ambassador David Pressman said at a brief press conference ahead of Saturday’s Pride Parade. 444 According to his report.

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The ambassador said it was a great honor for him to participate in this event, where brave Hungarians who work to promote human dignity and human rights will march. He added that he hopes the government will listen to the joint statement by the United States and 35 other countries condemning Hungary’s discriminatory laws.

In this regard, the Ambassador referred to local measures affecting homosexuals, the fine of libraries or the dismissal of Laszlo L. Simon from the head of the National Museum when gay photos were displayed there, added that the serious situation also worries Hungarians.


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