The children of the Canadian couple suffer from a rare genetic disease that causes deterioration and eventual loss of vision. The family of four decided to travel the world before this happened.

Their daughter Mia was just three years old when Canadian couple Edith LeMay and Sebastien Pelletier first noticed that she was having vision problems. It turns out that the girl suffers from a rare genetic disease, retinitis pigmentosa. Later, their two sons also developed similar symptoms and were also diagnosed with the disease. However, their third son is doing fine.

Retinitis pigmentosa is associated with progressive loss of vision and is currently considered incurable, and the process cannot be slowed down. Parents expect their children to be completely blind by the time they reach middle age.

After processing the news, parents, on the advice of doctors, decided to enrich their children with “visual memories” and came up with a way to travel the world with them. “I thought I wouldn’t show them the elephant in a book, but take them to see a real one,” said the mother. So they increased their savings and set out to see the world.

It was originally scheduled to launch in July 2020, but had to be postponed due to travel restrictions. They finally left Montreal in March 2022. They visited Namibia, Tanzania, Turkey, Mongolia and Indonesia. The father told CNN that they focus mainly on the scene and have unbelievable experiences.

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Their eldest daughter, now 12-year-old Mia, was aware of the case when she was seven, and her two younger brothers only recently found out what lay ahead, or at least slowly understood what was happening. Parents hope the trips will help their children realize how lucky they are despite the hardships they face.


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