The foreign ministers were preparing to take a group photo when Jordan Grelich-Radmann made a surprise gesture towards his German counterpart.

During a group photo at a meeting of EU foreign ministers on Thursday, Croatian Minister Jordan Grelić Radman greeted his colleague, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, first with a handshake, then by leaning over and kissing her. Aside from the fact that a kiss itself is a questionable gesture in such a situation, Grlich Radmann’s kiss almost fell on Baerbock’s mouth, the German minister turned his head at the last moment and laughed in embarrassment.

Many Croatian media outlets strongly criticized the Foreign Minister for his unexpected move, with Croatian women’s rights activist and researcher Rada Burić calling Grlić Radman’s gesture “completely inappropriate.”

The Croatian Foreign Minister described the kiss as merely a “warm human approach” towards his colleague, but admitted that it was indeed “perhaps a critical moment,” then added that “if anyone is upset by this, I apologise.” BBC.

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Berbock has not yet commented on what happened.


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