The Ida singer was “shaking and trembling from head to toe with happiness” when he received the special honor.

With a direct connection, from his home in Budagino to the TV2 morning programme, You are logged into Mocha Mystical dance singer Attila Pataky told the big news: During his recent visit to Varkaslaka, he was sitting on the terrace of the local restaurant, sleepless and unaware (“The sun was shining, a tidy table and sekeli palenca, what more do you need?” Happiness?”) When Jenő Szász, President of the Székelyudvarhelyért Foundation took the floor, she read:

The honorary title of Sekeli is given to Attila Pataki, a resident of Budajino, who feels a kinship, shares a common destiny with the Sekeli people who braved the storms of the times with God’s help, imbued with a sense of solidarity. fraternal affiliation, working for the cause of national reunification, of which the Sekeli communities respected member from today consider him

“I was trembling and trembling from head to toe with happiness,” Pataki recalls, jokingly.

I’m actually from Sekeli, not just from Hungary.

Although he himself realized that this was not entirely appropriate to the subject of this program, he humbly asked the reporter to take advantage of the rare opportunity and said: “We are at the beginning of the birth of a new world. The current one is in a very bad state. We stayed here in the Vatican, and we say no to harm.” Because peace is the solution.


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