Life returns to the beach in Mackernock

Since beach season has not officially started, we can now enjoy the beach within the Mcsarnok ramparts. Even if we can’t float on a rubber mattress in the water often, Martin Parr, a British documentary filmmaker, can fill the shore with an unforgettable and carefree beach atmosphere. Meanwhile, we can also notice how strange it is to be human.

The coastal beach is almost full of the positive parts. Everyone at the beach is down and you can be yourself. Here we love stacking guides and will do everything we can to make it perfect. This, of course, requires some props, and a good example of this is Parr fotin.

Martin Barr: The beach is the whole worldSource: Gotzinger_Laura / Mcsarnok

There is an umbrella for reading here in the sun loungers, the US is the swallow in the US, you walk in the water and wear sunglasses, the sun is so relaxing as you walk to the sea. There’s plenty of fun for those feeling satiated on the beach… The curators also tried to make the visitor feel a little small: two hints of calm and a killt-paravn, similar to movie suites, evoke the perfect beach, and the beach is a must in many places. Design element, kk-fehr cskos style too.

Martin Barr is all over the world with pictures of beaches, as far away as Argentina, Japan, Florida or Spain, but the specific description we know from the shores of Lake Balaton is the same.

The photo contains neither Baywatch streams nor supermodels, but ordinary people who forget a little about principles and relaxation on the beach. In other words, we can see a slit, always worn-out bikini top, buried in the sand with his baby, socks, and sandals. What do we do? It will be difficult to decide. Somehow both, at the same time. It’s familiar, but it’s precisely this cold that is bad. It makes a person smile, but it’s not a pretty smile, but a loving smile – that’s why these pictures can be beautiful and lovable.

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Martin Parrt is concerned with everyday life, everyday capital like the perfect home, the habits of shopping and consumption, or the poor condition and absurdity of modern life. You are arguing about a married car in a worn out car, where the stranger has reached the point where it is difficult to adapt, or the bastard is disturbed by a crowd.

It took a series of good moments about the oddities of tourism, such as tourists taking pictures of attractions or the sandwich shop atop the Grand Canyon. The look and feel of sitting at the same time, in the everyday situations we saw every day, I can never see how weird and funny they really are.

Miyazaki, Guben – An artificial beach in an ocean park called Ocean Dome. From the series “Small World” (1996)Source: © Martin Parr / Magnum Photos / © Martin Parr / Magnum Photos / Martin Parr

He began photographing coastal beaches in the 1970s, which was initially a project restricted to Britain. “In Britain we never get more than 75 miles (120 km) from the sea, so no one is surprised by the strong British tradition of coastal photography. Street photography might be for American photographers, but we have the beach here in the UK.” for the beach.” art about.

The first series in then-destroyed Frdvroson, New Brigthon, painted the blue of contemporary England from the social center, and in the midst of many lands that had fallen, they tried to strike a good deal. This series gave the idea to take pictures of the beaches in this world of fire. “A lot of things are hidden from a country by the shore, the private public space where absurd manifestations of general human behavior and local anomalies can also be heard.” – Raja.

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Great Britain, Eastbourne, “Think of England.” From the series (1995-1999)Source: © Martin Parr / Magnum Photos

The beach is the whole world Kills a very cool atmosphere that we can go even when the contemporary art museums of the sterile world are sometimes tense. In Parr’s image, it’s nice that Brki can call her, but that doesn’t mean she’s superfluous.

There is a lot of love and sympathy in these photos – you see, for example, you look at the times when the sun shines – and when you step out of the kill zone, you look fondly at strangers on the tram. We were looking for beach cards in the museum store, but we couldn’t find any of the killers. On the other hand, our eyes were clogged with an old photo taken in a Budapest mainstay. What will a bar do in these frdks? Since we haven’t come to Lake Balaton, we like to see the hot air and water biking holidays with our own eyes.

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