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Life on Mars could have originated from a very strange place

Life on Mars could have originated from a very strange place

Of course, if there is life at all, a new study strengthens the possibility.

Mars currently looks like a wasteland in the Mad Max movies by comparison – but that wasn't necessarily always the case. According to researchers, Mars has been hosting liquid water for more than 200 million years, and this (in addition to its proximity) makes this planet a prime candidate for the search for extraterrestrial life. In fact, it is also possible that we have already found such life, and have just destroyed it using our own testing methods:

We may have actually found life on Mars, but we accidentally wiped it out fifty years ago
Nearly fifty years ago, during the Viking missions, water was added to the Martian soil, which wasn't necessarily a good idea, but in retrospect it could explain the mission's contradictory results in terms of the search for life on Mars.

Returning to liquid water – its presence is a major indicator of the possibility of life occurring, which increases its importance A new study, the subject of this article Accordingly, it is possible that the molecules essential for creating life existed on Mars during the planet's hydroperiod.

The research investigated how organic matter formed on Mars, and to that end, they studied how the Red Planet was mapped billions of years ago. The study used computer simulations to recreate Martian conditions, based on the likely presence of formaldehyde at that time due to the abundance of carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and carbon monoxide in the atmosphere.

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According to Tohoku University scientists, Mars' formaldehyde-rich atmosphere may have facilitated the formation of biomolecules necessary for life, as detailed in their study published in the journal Scientific Reports. As Shungo Koyama, head of research, said:

“Our results show that atmospheric formaldehyde may have been the source of the synthesis of various organic compounds, including amino acids and sugars.”

Another conclusion of the research is that early Mars, especially in the Noahic and early Hesperian times, could also have continuously contained sugars necessary for life, so this is another argument in favor of the fact that life could have once appeared on Mars. .

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