Life in New Zealand is recovering: schools, restaurants, offices, cinemas, theaters and libraries are opening their doors

Two months after strict curfews were imposed, life will return to New Zealand this week after the country beat the coronavirus epidemic, he wrote. guardian.

Jacinda Ardern The Prime Minister announced on Monday that he will ease the restrictions of the third level to the second level on Thursday. In this sense, schools will reopen, workers can enter their workplaces, and restaurants and shops can reopen. Once again, they can host sporting events, and libraries, cinemas, theaters, stadiums and museums can also open their doors.

Health experts added that the bars will have to wait until May 21 to open because they are considered to be so dangerous. Gatherings of up to ten people can be arranged, including weddings and funerals.

In New Zealand, fewer than 1,500 people have been identified, thanks to strong government measures. The border in New Zealand closed on March 15 and quarantine was introduced on March 25.

Ardern thanked his team of five million people for protecting the most vulnerable, including the elderly and those with underlying disease.

Everyone was determined to win this war, but only if we worked together. The battle has been won, but the war is not over yet

The prime minister said.

There are currently ninety cases of active coronavirus in New Zealand and two people are being hospitalized. The country can now take 1,200 tests per day, which is higher per capita than Australia, the United Kingdom, Singapore or South Korea.

Under the Tier 2 restrictions, travel will be permitted domestically, but the borders will certainly be closed to foreigners for some time to come, which Ardern described as agonizing as the ski season approaches from New Zealand.

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Starting Thursday, it will also be mandatory to stay away from each other, strangers should be avoided, restaurants can only receive a certain number of guests, but no mask is required.

Featured Image: Marty Melville / AFP

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