Lieutenant Christophe Paletta of Kalocsa had a great success at the scientific conference

Christophe Paletta’s entry was about the challenges of law enforcement supplies, in light of the coronavirus. A young Kalocsa police officer came home from the convention with a special award. You can read the university’s department entries below.

“2023. On April 19, the Department of Law Enforcement and the Army took place at the 36th National Student Conference at our university. Our department also participated, in which our department chair, Dr. Judith Hegedos, was perhaps one of the most frequently mentioned names in the program brochure: She assisted in the scientific work of four students As a consultant.And without a small result!

In the Department of Applied Social Sciences, Emese Homonnai-Sipos and Kristóf Paletta gave a presentation on their field work. Emese researched police motivation, and Christophe’s thesis was on the challenges of police recruitment under coronavirus.

dám Németh and Imre Molnár competed in the Department of Criminology and Penal Enforcement, and both investigated the conditions and possibilities of prevention of juvenile delinquency.

Hard work and dedication from the students and their advisor accompanied the success, as Imre Molnar, Adam Nemeth and Christophe Paletta returned home from the competition with a special award.

We cordially congratulate our students on their excellent projects and are confident that they will be able to use the knowledge gained from them during their professional lives! We hope they never lose their enthusiasm for science! We wish teacher Judith Heged an equally great success and as many talented students as possible!

Faculty in the Department of Behavioral Sciences for Law Enforcement continue to welcome students who are interested in our sciences and who wish to conduct research. Worth it!” says Post University.

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