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Lies Szinetár Dóra and the Court

Lies Szinetár Dóra and the Court

It just so happened that Dóra Szinetár terminated her contract with the operetta theater – no, it wasn’t fanatical fascists that kicked her out, she went alone – she walked the other side of Nagymez Street and moved to the Thália Theater.

I love theater, maybe few people know about it, but I had a good few years there. I started going there when I was a very young kid, because my mom played there, worked there, and ran behind the scenes during rehearsals, but it was also like I was sitting and watching the scenes unfold.

Later, after about 15 years, as a student at the Hungarian College of Dance, I danced in a ballet titled The Nutcracker, so perhaps it is no exaggeration to say that I know all the corners of the stage, the stage, the dressing rooms, the blanket, the buffet, the smell of the theater, in short, everything .

Artist Szinetár is now signed here, where Gábor Kálomista is the managing director, with whom we agree on a lot of things, he’s a right-wing / conservative guy, I really like him, and we also fought for a little while with opposition in Red Line on Freedom.

He is an intelligent, enlightened and tough man.

Dóra tried to explain her contract in Hungarian Orange.

Yes, crisis communication is needed in such situations, because very tolerant liberals can only participate in exchange for a good dictatorial encounter.

Dora also brought about a frighteningly mandatory liberal minimum, but upon questioning she faced the inconsistency of contracting from a better managed theater to a theater with better management at one level, removing Chewbacca’s Nazi defense.

He found this to be said:

To the director of the ballet at the operetta theater [Apáti Bencének] He has appearances a thousand times rougher as a public figure [mint Kálomistának]However, at the time of his appointment, no one asked why we did not quit, Jews, homosexuals, dissidents, and anyone who is secretly or openly indicted on a live TV program every week.

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Nor, to put it mildly, must the above sentences stand the test of truth.

Szintár artist practically succeeds in delivering a feat that manages to hide a lie in every line.

He lied like a stream of water.

Of course, I’ve never been a Jew in my life, not on Hard Seed, as the singer pointed out, nor in the press, blog, vlog, comment, and I don’t condemn the gay community on a weekly basis.

Neither explicitly nor secretly. On the contrary, I tend to classify the horrific phenomena when Jews are forced to flee Paris en masse due to attacks by Muslim immigrants, or when a young man wears a cape in Berlin among the dangers and negatives of immigration. He is being beaten and chased by Muslims. Because of his origins, but on one occasion I also wrote that a kosher restaurant in Amsterdam drifted to the brink of bankruptcy because local Muslim extremists were regularly tossed into the area window, and once they got there, the owner threatened as well.

Yeah. Because of his religion.

By the way, I read about this news in the Mandiner, where historian and journalist Bernat Bernat Vespermey, current deputy editor-in-chief of the Neokhon General Jewish newspaper, wrote about it.

Analyzing my above writings, I came to the conclusion that I was not condemning the Jews, so to speak, but on the contrary, I was worried about them, and I was afraid of them. His writings on this matter were published by the Hungarian nation.

The streak can go on indefinitely, I do not do who knows or endures fatigue and looks at my journalistic work and public activities, knows exactly that Szinetár lied.

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It is interesting to note that even he himself – of course Dórás Szinetár – backed away from this topic. On his show, Gábor Bóta said that he might not have said so, in fact, it is conceivable that I do not usually enjoy Hír TV viewers with anti-Semitic hate speech every week, but he is convinced that I am seriously anti-Islam, so he is very afraid of my fellow Muslims.

Suppose I don’t know any of them, but they’re definitely in hiding.

They are clearly afraid of me.

I don’t usually condemn gays either, although I always say I agree with the constitution, I’d rather be on a gay day than a real conservative citizen frustrated fidsz through 444 stupid kids, Mr. Kajdi, everyone.

Obviously, they can.

Suppose Centar definitely doesn’t bother me, at least I haven’t seen a single angry protest because his fellow ballet artist had prepared because they were dancing.

A real good fellow.

He’s a little hypocritical and loves double standards, but at least he’s identical with himself.

Obviously I couldn’t leave his statement without a word, and the anti-Semitic charge is a particularly serious matter, so I first sued the newspaper which reported the lies on the advice of my attorney.

(Liar Szinetár will also come, but press litigation cases have fallen by statute of limitations, so we had to act quickly.)

Obviously, I was not expecting many dreadful courts and judges under Orban’s fascist dictatorship, but little hope crept in me because it didn’t mean that anyone could say anything about me without any evidence or consequences. Because if that was the case, I could also seamlessly announce to any actress that she has a lifestyle, loves to sell her charms for money, and only has an octave and a half.

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But I can’t do that.

However, a paper verdict was issued. I lost at the beginning and then the second time against the Hungarian Orange.

According to the reasoning of the judgment, Szinetár’s statement can be a basis for reality, because according to some, if someone expresses a negative opinion about György Soros, it can be considered subtle anti-Semitism, Jews.

Although the lawsuit did not cite a single sentence with anti-Semitic content from Hard Core, Paw’s attorney rejected it, preferring to look at my many years of journalism, and present some as evidence. Although there is not a single Jewish stick in the writings, I have undoubtedly criticized Giorgi Soros and his immigration efforts. As you know, the mass and illegal immigration that leads to an influx of large numbers of Muslims who hate the State of Israel and the Jews.

Brain problem?

of course it is.

Never mind, judgments have been passed.

The thing is hot for a number of reasons.

On the one hand, I lost out on the first and second degree lawsuits as well, so Szentar’s claims that I condemn Jews in a live show every week have not been proven.

(And the category of joke is that Hard Core isn’t a live show.)

On the other hand, and this is even more exciting, according to the Hungarian court, anyone who criticizes Giorgi Soros and his activities can calmly say that he is, in fact, a bloodthirsty anti-Semite. The court will not indict those who make such ludicrous accusations.

After that, all my articles could start with “My father’s penny, who condemns Jews, etc., etc. in a live show every week.”

Well that’s really it.

We’ll see what happens in the palace.

Appence Pence

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