Lidl has released a big advertisement, which may affect all of its customers

Lidl has released a big advertisement, which may affect all of its customers

Launch of Lidl Plus, the unique digital loyalty program from Lidl Hungary. The practical and easy-to-use mobile app not only provides customers with additional shopping benefits and discounts, but also includes a number of useful features such as a digital receipt or a store finder that also informs you which store is closest to us in the chain. – It is evidenced by the company contacts.

The latest innovation in the chain store Lidl Plus, the very first exclusive and highly complex digital loyalty program in Hungary, and its special feature is that you don’t need a traditional plastic card to use it. By downloading the free app, you will actually have access to your digital loyalty card after registration, along with a number of features that will make shopping easier and simpler while also helping you save money. Discounts are available from May 20th.

Unlike other loyalty programs, Lidl Plus offers an exclusive discount every time to customers who read their digital loyalty card upon checkout. Users also have access to weekly revolving percentage or fixed-amount digital coupons and exclusive offers, among other things

Lidl launches a new loyalty program that offers many benefits to customersSource: AFP / Daniel Leal-Olivas

In addition, you can get additional discounts by using the digital scratch prize cards after your purchases. Additionally, the app is not limited to Lidl stores. The company’s partner offers provide additional discounts for Lidl Plus users, from daily necessities to seasonal pampering.

Thanks to the application, in addition to the digital version of the weekly discount newspaper, there is also a store search function, with which you can easily find the Lidl store closest to us, with the exact opening hours.

The menu items also include a purchase summary that includes coupons redeemed and the amount of savings, and users receive digital copies of their receipts after each purchase, allowing them to easily track their spending.

The app can be downloaded free for Android, iOS and Huawei mobile devices, and it is very easy, practical and fast to use. The virtual loyalty card can be used in all stores across the country, as well as abroad, where the Lidl Plus service is already available.

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