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LG introduced a home robot equipped with artificial intelligence

LG introduced a home robot equipped with artificial intelligence

It recognizes emotions, communicates, patrols and controls smart devices.

LG's latest development is an AI-powered “biped” robot, i.e. a two-wheeled, self-driving robot, which the manufacturer has designed specifically for the home environment. The device can interact verbally with users and can also express emotions with its articulated legs. Through multimodal AI technology – which combines voice and image recognition and natural language processing – the robot can interpret verbal context and intentions and communicate effectively with users.

The solution, which also acts as a mobile smart home hub, is connected to and can control smart home and IoT devices. Thanks to the collaboration between LG and Qualcomm Technologies, the robot is equipped with the Qualcomm Robotics RB5 platform, which enables functions such as facial and user recognition.

The device (which the manufacturer likes to refer to as a smart home agent) uses a built-in camera, speaker, and various sensors to collect real-time environmental data such as temperature, humidity, and indoor air quality. LG's AI technology analyzes this data, continuously learning and incorporating external information into the interpretation.

The robot can also act as a pet monitor and security guard: if unusual activity is detected, it sends a notification to the user's smartphone, so the house and pets can be monitored even when no one is home.

The machine patrols the apartment and sends a notification to the user's smartphone if it finds an open window or a light on. The robot can also help you save energy by being able to connect to a smart outlet and turn off unused appliances in the home through it.

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The robot greets the user at the front door, identifies emotions based on voice and facial expressions, and is able to play music or other content that matches the mood based on that. On weekdays, the smart home agent also helps users get traffic data, weather updates, personal schedules or medication reminders.

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