LG got a new logo

LG introduced its new logo, which with a bright red background and white graphics on it tries to attract the attention of younger consumers.

The appearance and color of the LG logo will be renewed. The bright red background is named LG Active Red, new, ever-changing graphics are placed on a white background, A. writes taxi design.

Photo: LG/lgnewsroom.com

The G shape in the brand name will continue to be the basis for the human face in the future Animated with a total of eight unique expressions.

There will be those who wink, smile, shake their head, or look around.

The goal of the image change is to attract younger consumers with an attention-grabbing logo.

New LG logo
Photo: LG/lgnewsroom.com

The slogan “Life is Good”, which they want to convey in the new image, According to plans, it will appear more strongly in LG’s brand and product packaging. With the new logo, this term also received a new font.

The company hopes to succeed with a more dynamic and youthful appearance in strengthening the brand identity across geographic regions and generations.

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