In late fall, Lexus management made a brief promise that the high-performance version of the LBX urban crossover could be introduced in January.

It doesn't take much imagination to guess: This version will almost certainly be powered by the 261-hp three-cylinder turbo engine from the GR Yaris, with variable torque distribution for all-wheel drive, and according to rumors, the new eight-cylinder is a completely new engine. Automatic transmission speed.

the Core-X However, according to a Japanese car magazine, the development could be more serious: they are talking about 272 horsepower, and in this regard, they consider acceleration from 0-100 km/h in about 6 seconds possible.

If a manual transmission is not available for the premium urban SUV, a double-wishbone rear suspension will certainly be included in the revised car, as well as the possibility of adjusting the springs, shock absorbers and tighter anti-roll bars. In addition, retuning the stability control electronics is also inevitable, if the developers are really aiming for a fun drive, and not just raw power.

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A solid urban sports car may arrive from Japan on the 13th

As for the name, there are three possibilities: LBX Turbo is the simplest, and at the same time sets the lowest expectations in terms of improved suspension, brakes and steering. Then there's the LBX F, which would make the small car a member of the legendary Lexus F Sport model family – but that would require more power. Finally, one could imagine a LBX GR or GR LBX, which would more accurately describe the capabilities of the model variant. We'll also be happy about this, because Gazoo Racing has never lent its name to any Lexus model – but if they did now, they could also create a tradition, paving the way for more sporty Lexus models.

Our photos show the production version of the Lexus LBX