Levinte Levi had signed the silver medal in advance

Levinte Levi had signed the silver medal in advance

We spoke to Levente Lévai, who won a silver medal in the 60-pound knit field for trained samokov wrestlers at the European Championships.

The European Cadet Wrestlers Championships concluded in Samokov, Bulgaria, on Sunday. The Hungarian national team won one gold, one silver and four bronze medals in the continental competition. On the Hungarian side, on closing day, the boys’ playground has a tight grip of 60 pounds Levi’s Levi Can fight for gold in the final for the delegation’s second priority (first Enikő Elekes 65 kg), but in the end, in a twisted match, he was a hair’s width behind and earned a silver medal around his neck.


coaches on two sides: Ákos Cifferszky (left) and father of coach Zoltán Lévai (right); And in the middle, the student won the silver medal in the European Championship Leventi Levi • Source: MBSZ

Leva marched with three confident wins in Sunday’s final, with Azerbaijani Farid Khalilov waiting for him on the other side of the rug. The talent of the Budapest Defense Forces got off to a good start here too, leading to 3-0 after the first round, and even a minute before the end he had the advantage, but Khalilov put the final result in his “hair” with a spin and then a draw (6-3) At the same time, Levi said, despite the recent painful defeat, he was happy and would have accepted the silver in advance.

“After a few days, I am already satisfied with getting the silver and this medal is shining more and more beautifully, but there I was very disappointed after the end. Of course, I traveled to Bulgaria for the gold, but if we look at the reality, as a first-year student, The second place is also a great performance. I would definitely have signed the silver before the European Championships” Lévai said to youth sports.

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The question arises: what could it have been in the first place?

“I think there could have been a victory there as well, but with a 3-0 advantage I made two technical and tactical mistakes which the Azeri unfortunately took advantage of. There was not much missing for the gold, but I ended up writing this omission clearly at the expense of excitement and unpredictability. Routine. I’ve never been in a world final like this before, which is why I’m in a completely different mood.”

There will be no youth stopping after the European Championships, as on the last Saturday in June the World Cup selection competition awaits Hungarian novice wrestlers at KIMBA’s Csepel Hall. In this competition, it will be decided who can represent the Hungarian colors at the World Championships for the age groups in Budapest in a month. Like Lévai, competitors who have won medals at Samokov only have to fight one match to get into the national team at the end, with the winners for each weight group from the picker.

“I hope that the national team can secure the start of the World Cup, and then I will be able to take my good performance in the European Championship to the World Cup in Budapest. With a positive draw, my gold medal is not out of reach either, but I am confident that I can at least include I will not have an easy task, as strong competitors can come from outside Europe. Kazakhs, Uzbeks and Iranians are generally very good, but even the Japanese and the Americans can surprise anyone.”

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