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LEVC TX Vista, London Taxi Today


If the driver is not separated from the occupants by a wall, I would be happy to recommend this bohemian battery even for a large family car. It is interesting to experience the contrast between industrial-style equipment and luxurious Volvo details, including the LECV TX, which is partly quite generous and partly equipped.

The drive system is able to perform very dangerous regenerative braking. Despite its 2.4-ton payload, it keeps the 40 on Kapi Road in the capital without touching the brakes

The computer promised an electrical range of 87-99 km full of batteries, which in fact became 70-75. Since the taxi runs 150-200 km per day in Budapest, it must be charged during the day either from gasoline, which is very expensive, but to produce electricity during production. In the lower left corner of the beautifully drawn digital watch range, you can see the all-electric and full-electric range with electric petrol. With a tank with a useful volume of 36 liters, the two together can be 300-350 km, a quarter of which is achieved by an electric motor.

Immediately after charging, the declared range can fluctuate drastically, for me it dropped from 111 to 97 before starting, then again just over 100 and then remained stable. Even with petrol, the range estimation is inaccurate, sometimes the car scares me with rapid degradation, and then it does not depreciate any further.

Direct mode switch missing, a menu must be entered to switch between Smart EV and Pure EV and range maintenance. Most of the time the Smart EV, which is everyday mode, works well when it starts petrol automatically and charges the battery when power is low.

Now this might be the most eye-catching car in Budapest 11

There’s really nothing wrong with the car, it’s very strange asking us to switch from pure electric mode to the smart, lightweight hybrid mode that allows the gasoline generator to run.

Pure EV avoids starting the petrol engine so much that it switches to turtle mode with an empty battery, restores the electric motor’s power, and sends messages about an alleged electrical engine failure.

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I even stopped once due to messages, but it turned out that only the battery was really depleted, turning on the Smart EV, the car continued to run happily. The current recovery force must also be reset after each motor run, but this is to a maximum of two bevels with the return lever. Scope maintenance mode is needed because in the West, only some urban areas have to be driven and stored there free of local emissions.

When turned on, the three-cylinder gasoline wastes like a remote coffee grinder. Its vibration can also be felt in the front. It detonates with a slightly variable speed, and the throttle position follows the velocity over a wide range.

Now this might be the most eye-catching car in Budapest 12

It is easiest to go up on the sidewalk in the middle row, which can be directed towards the sidewalk. It can withstand adults, mechanics move very precisely

Skating electric in a modern London taxi is a very quiet car. The silence in the rear passenger compartment is stunning, here the power-generating engine running is just noisy, but on the highway, the sound of petrol is profusely engulfed in the harmless wind noise.

With its surprisingly lower wheels, the maneuverability of the LEVC TX is unimaginable. Between the cobbled islands, where the nose can protrude above the sidewalk, the turning circle has a diameter of 802.4 cm. To put the value of the thing, everything is the same in the size of the G30 5 BMW two-wheel drive 12.05 meters and even a Honda four-seat rear-wheel drive this small car is 8.6 meters (9.2 inside the walls), although it really does turn around in a napkin area. To achieve all this with a wheelbase of 2,985 mm, it is truly high performance.

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When maneuvering with an unusually large landing wheel, you have to pay attention to the curves we’re running, because it’s really spinning where you won’t even try, just don’t pull your side to anything. More attention is paid to the ground clearance of only 12 inches, a high-range balloon wheel actually carries its belly and sills deeply. The free height for Western cars is usually 13 to 14 inches.

Now this might be the most eye-catching car in Budapest 13

You can really run through it like the Beatles did when they ran away from the crowd. Huge side doors open to the lowest right angle

Compared to how much the chassis holds without swaying, we can’t say a bad word about the suspension comfort either. With 215/65 R17 tires, the car overcomes most road crashes without jolting.

No backyard, compact to the operation, operation, and feedback of the TX’s drivetrain. The shifts in gas and gas use are good, with the chassis absorbing disruptions to the road with dulled shocks from dangerous cars. In many ways, this is the level of a Volvo cars. The large body feels great, and the electric motor’s power appears much leaner than the 13.2 seconds that, according to factory data, goes to 100.

Its high seat, massive stack, and good motor power and visibility make one very confident in it. When loaded with six, the acceleration isn’t noticeably dull, and you can’t really feel the speed in the quiet cabin.

Now this might be the most eye-catching car in Budapest 14

The menu system is also Volvo. The 375V lithium battery is located under the driver’s seat and in the trunk of the car, and the battery, alternator and electric motor are liquid cooled.

As long as the electronics allow, the LEVC TX is a majestic destroyer. The factory top speed is 128 km / h, 138 of which can be on a slope, but on a flat road, the clock stops at 134. The cruise control handles the set speed with some margin, without wasting energy only so that the speed does not drop 122 uphill to 119 .

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