Let’s Talk Safe Sex

Picture it: You, bae, Netflix, and Pizza Hut. You know those kinds of nights! The first movie has just finished and now you’re having an impromptu intermission. After a little cleaning and re-up on snacks and drinks, the next movie has begun. 30 minutes or so in, faithful and predictable Bae hits the good ole “stretch and reach” move… You know the one where he might yawn, throw his arms up, and then place it “conveniently” on your shoulder so y’all can cuddle up and be cute or whatever. The movie gets faint as y’all engage in the beginnings of an “adult sleepover.” Everything is great until protection is mentioned and is met with the childish response of, “I’ll pull out!”



Clearly, you and Bae are not on the same page and someone has some ‘splainin’ to do! So here’s how to get the mission completed and keep you both healthy.



Salt ‘n Pepa told us all, “Don’t decoy, avoid, or make void the topic, cuz that aint gonna stop it,” and I’m simply repeating it! Be very clear and direct with your partner on your stance on the use of all forms of protection. You should typically have this talk casually, but if all else fails, late is better than never.



There are some people that fully commit to a carefree lifestyle and think things that happen to others will never happen to them. In this case, thinking that they will never be the one to get pregnant or get someone else pregnant. For this type, pull out the facts! Pregnancy and STD’s are real and will be even more real if you’re faced with a situation that compromises your health, especially when you’re living young, wild, and free.



The opposite of a “carefree thinker” is a myth man and they always need schooling too. Tell your partner to their face the difference between facts and the fiction they feed themselves. Some common myths that always need busting include pulling out as a reliable form of birth control, or his “member” being too large for a condom. Nip all of these in the bud as soon as possible, and be clear that you explain the importance of your health.



Make it abundantly clear that you WILL NOT waive on your position of the use of condoms and if he doesn’t like what you’re saying then, that aint the bae for you. Leave him where you found him and keep it pushin!


P.S.  keep in mind that contraceptives are not solely his responsibility! If you are having having sex regularly, you should have condoms on hand as well. Don’t leave your health and well being entirely in the hands of another if you can prevent it.

How Do You Initiate “The Talk” In Your Relationship?


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