Let’s Give It Up For The First Inaugural HBCU World Series


Update: May 24, 2019

The Southern University baseball team won’t be playing in the inaugural HBCU college World Series game Friday after all.

The Jaguars decided against the trip to Chicago to play North Carolina A&T when organizers failed to meet terms of a contract signed earlier this week, Southern athletic director Roman Banks said.

“It was a done deal and they failed to execute what was in the contract by this (Wednesday) morning,” Banks said. “We weren’t comfortable going forward with the unanswered questions about the travel and weather situation. We’re not going up there looking for uncertainty. We want to make sure our student athletes have a good experience. We felt Wednesday morning they weren’t ready.”

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) are the epitome of a concrete foundation for young men and women of color across the nation. Young adults that gather to enhance their knowledge and experience as scholars and athletes is amazing. Learning about your academic potential and historic culture is powerful for students of color to experience. A lot of students don’t get to further their education beyond high school. Simply put, learning in our modern day age has become too expensive.

Imagine putting in a lot of effort and dedication to study for good grades only to realize that you don’t have enough to fund a college education. This is a common problem for students across the nation. For some students, this is a harsh reality they have to face after graduating from high school. Are they pushing their mind to the limit everyday to achieve what seems impossible? Something must be done!

A non-profit organization called: “BSCG 360” in Chicago wants to reach out and help build the educational platforms in black communities. Students should have access to unlimited resources so they can further their education. Some students want to study business, law, or play college sports. Organizations are looking into ways to assist millennials moving forward. This is why we need to invest and support the mission and purpose of HBCU academics. The academic and athletic experiences on these campuses are unique for students. There is an abundance of culture, history, tradition, and education that students can forever be proud of as young professionals of color.

A great fundraising event is taking place this weekend (May 24th). It will shine a light on HBCU academics and sports. The First Inaugural HBCU World Series will take place Memorial Day Weekend in Chicago, Illinois. Southern University and North Carolina A&T will come together and compete in baseball at this fundraising event. These college athletes strive to achieve greatness on and off the field. These college athletes are representing more than just a game, they’re representing our proud, black community. This game is more than just a competition! It’s amazing when the HBCU community can come together to celebrate a holiday and raise funds for college academics.


Do you think more students would choose a higher education if there were more resources to help aid in the financial obligation? Some students love to learn but fear the college debt. It’s an important issue that must be addressed. An education gives young adults a firm foundation to build on after graduating from high school. The summer before most high school students become college students is essential. An event like the HBCU World Series bring awareness to an important issue as we kickstart an eventful summer. There are more events like this bening created by non-profit organizations to highlight the potential within our culture. The community in Chicago is doing a great thing by bringing athletes together to uplift, inspire, and encourage everyone.

When college-athletes from Southern University and North Carolina A&T come together this weekend to compete in the Inaugural HBCU World Series, it will be an event to remember. Baseball is an amazing sport that gives athletes of color an opportunity to pursue their dreams. The sales that are generated from ticket prices will benefit the local black communities in Chicago. This event will cater to and “exclusively represent the black college community.” I believe this is a huge milestone for our black communities. There is black excellence that exist all around us. For it to be displayed at a publicly recognized venue is special. Many are looking forward to attending this event at the Chicago White Sox’s own Guaranteed Field.

For college-athletes of color, the “HBCU” experience can be more demanding with high expectations. This opportunity gives college-athletes the chance to learn, grow, and build more bonds with teammates and coaches outside of athletically sanctioned events. Some college-athletes will be introduced to a Major League Baseball (MLB) park for the first time. Opportunities to see new sports, venues, and platforms can change the perspective within the black collegiate community. These HBCU college-athletes that get this opportunity to compete will be representing the whole HBCU community.

If you’re in Chicago and looking to purchase tickets, visit the link below:https://www.eventbrite.com/e/inaugural-hbcu-world-series-fundraiser-tickets-60609019208


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