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“Let us approach barefoot: every place is sacred ground” – Piarist Order heads gather in Manila | Hungarian Post

“Let us approach barefoot: every place is sacred ground” – Piarist Order heads gather in Manila |  Hungarian Post

Victoria Chapo asked District President Victor Zudi about the topics of the meeting and the experiences gained there.

– Who participated in the meeting held in the Asia-Pacific region?

– The meetings of the chiefs of the Biari system are attended primarily by the chiefs of the provinces or provinces as they are traditionally called. Also joining this group are religious leaders who do not lead completely independent religious units, but so-called provincial vicars, or delegates appointed by the Father General in a particular location.

Of course, the meeting is chaired by the head of the order, Father General Pedro Aguado, his assistants and the staff of the General Curia are also present. Thus, about thirty people participated in the meeting held in Manila, Philippines.

– What topics will you highlight in the meeting?

– One of the most interesting parts of the meeting was when we were able to hear reports about biography services working in areas with very difficult situations. These include Nicaragua, where the political situation is unstable, and Catholic priests are not allowed to enter the country. We were able to hear about the Biaris working in Mozambique, whose diocese has already been subjected to numerous anti-Christian threats and attacks, and we were also able to learn about the presence of two Biaris in Ukraine, where monks help residents in need. With their heroic perseverance in their pastoral service and distribution of donations. These poignant examples can fill all Pierre monks with renewed strength, and they can carry out their work in relative prosperity and peace.

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A particularly beautiful and moving part of the bishops' conference was when the local Piarist order introduced itself. We could hear about their work and plans, but perhaps the greatest hope was the testimony of the Vietnamese Piarist student who spoke about his plans, and how in the near future it would be possible to establish schools in Vietnam, establish more monasteries, and serve the Vietnamese people with the charisma of St. Joseph of Calazanci. I think we were of the same opinion that helping these plans deserves all our support and prayers.

It is worth highlighting the beauty and strength of the system's diversity, which was clearly demonstrated this week. African presidents were in charge of Thursday's mass. Their liturgical interest and musical sophistication have been a good example to us all. I am so grateful for this experience.

– What ideas do you bring home from the meeting?

Among the presentations, the speech of the Jesuit Father James Gascón stood out to me, who detailed the work of his order and his mandate to protect minors, as well as the presentation of the Piarist Father Javier Alonso, who presented in detail the current challenges of the Piarist service and the possibilities for progress.

I was also happy to listen to the words of the musician Pierre Angel Ayala, who spoke about the culture of “holiness” and whom we will also hear in the summer, when he will lead the spiritual practice of the Hungarian monastic order.

In the meeting, we used the “Prayer Discernment” method, which the Piastian monasticism borrowed from the Autumn Episcopal Council, and we encourage its use as widely as possible. This method of prayerful decision-making places great emphasis on listening, and above all on heeding the Holy Spirit's guidance in prayer and in the words of the brothers.

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At the end of the meeting, we were able to participate in the great celebration of the Asian regime, which turns 75 years old. Three members of the Piarist order made perpetual vows, and several monks were ordained deacons and priests.

Source and photo: Hungarian province of the Piarist order

Hungarian Post

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