Less concerned about climate change in the United States

There is less concern about climate change in the United States than there was before the pandemic. According to a poll conducted by the American news agency AP, the issue of economics and social inequality is more important for Americans.

Only 50% of those surveyed believe that individual activity has an impact on climate change.

“There are economic problems and there are social inequality,” said this man. “I think these are the most important.”

However, many people believe that the world’s governments and companies must first act to bring about change.

Another man said, “The government is not doing enough. It’s not just our government, it’s typical for the whole world.”

In a previous survey, in August 2019, 66% of respondents felt climate change was having an impact. According to climatologists, the latter result is disappointing.

“I’m disappointed, but at the same time I understand. I don’t want to blame ordinary citizens for caring about problems now, rather than the future. As a climate scientist, I know the problem is getting worse,” said Jonathan Overbeck, dean of the University of Michigan School of Environmental Protection. The numbers are very low.”

Respondents still believe that climate change is caused by humans, but the world’s governments and international companies are also responsible for ensuring that the situation does not worsen. The majority of Americans believe they need to change their lifestyle. Three-quarters of Americans who accept climate change use energy-efficient appliances, turn on their air conditioner less, and cycle more.

The survey also revealed that many people choose to save for financial reasons rather than environmental ones.

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