Ütősnek ígérkezik a Lenovo következő játékos mobilja, a Legion Y90 kép

Lenovo’s upcoming mobile phone, Legion Y90, promises to be a hit

A short video gave a glimpse of the Lenovo Legion Y90.

Among other big guns, of course Lenovo also introduced quite a few new features for CES 2022, so not so long ago we were able to find out what laptops we can expect this year from a Hong Kong-based manufacturer.

It looks like the company will be thinking ahead for those who want to rotate different games on devices that are smaller than laptops. Lenovo has unveiled a short-lived teaser that shows us what the new gaming smartphone, the Legion Y90, looks like.

At first glance, it may be obvious that this is not a traditional mobile phone, with the camera island, for example, in the middle of the back cover, which is a straightforward decision, since the lens is less likely to snap together while gaming and can be more comfortable to hold. On the other hand, the standalone camera doesn’t take up space on the screen either.

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 is responsible for the performance of the Legion Y90, and of course RGB has not been left out of the design either. How do you like the design developed for mobile gamers?

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