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Lenovo has received exclusive APUs from the Ryzen SoC

Lenovo has received exclusive APUs from the Ryzen SoC

The Chinese company has Ryzen 7 7840S and 5 7640S processors available.

At this year’s CES, AMD unveiled its Phoenix SoC APU, including the mainstream consumption Ryzen 7040HS series, which officially became available in the summer. At the same time, an interesting development is that Lenovo will be receiving two proprietary models, carrying the Ryzen 7 7840S and 5 7640S. Their parameters are detailed in the table below:

AMD Phoenix – mobile generation Ryzen 7040S with 4 cores
He writes Clock signal / turbo clock signal smt L2 cache L3 cache Radeon IGP type Radeon
real / effective number
IGP Max watch Consumption (TDP)
7 7840S (8 cores) 3.3 / 5.1 GHz there 8 x 1 MB 16 MB 780 m 768/1536 2.7 GHz 35 watts
5 7640S (6 cores) 3.5 / 4.9 GHz there 6 x 1 MB 16 MB 760 m 512/1024 2.6 GHz 35 watts

The two models delivered to Lenovo have the advantage of using the FP8 packaging instead of the FP7, and thanks to the latter, an AMD MIPI CSI interface is available for high-performance cameras.

According to the current data, the Ryzen 7 7840S and 5 7640S SoCs can be used exclusively by Lenovo at the moment, but perhaps this is just a temporary agreement, because AMD has already made such deals with the said company, and later another manufacturer can always get on affected products.

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