Lékai-Kiss Ramóna in a sexy mini dress: it is clear how much weight she has lost – the local star

Lekay sack Ramona For nine weekends we saw her dressed more and more beautifully in Shutter as a member of the Shutter jury.

For the second time, he took a place among the jury members of the TV2 entertainment show.

Lékai-Kiss Ramóna stars in star dresses

In the ninth season of Sztárban Sztár, which began on February 19, 2023 and ended on April 9, we saw Ramóna Lékai-Kiss in her beautiful dress, as Lady Fate, with edgy looks and sexy outfits. In the final, she impressed everyone in a turquoise evening dress by Peter Miro, but that short dress also showed up in the same color, emphasizing her slim figure in the semi-final.

Many were shocked at how weak she was. She revealed herself that she has regained her pre-baby shape and weight, but hasn’t just lost the extra kilos: as part of the whole lifestyle change, she pays more attention to what she puts into her body, and also exercises regularly, preparing for her first run.

In our photo gallery you can see the 8 dresses in which we saw Ramóna Lékai-Kiss in Season 9 of Sztárban Sztár.

Cover photo: TV2

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In our photo gallery you can see all 8 dresses worn by Andi Tóth in Season 9 of Sztárban Sztár.

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