Leipzig or Dortmund would be ideal for szoboszlai

Leipzig or Dortmund would be ideal for szoboszlai

Zsolt Petry, Hertha BSC goalkeeper and former goalkeeper for the Hungarian soccer team, was a guest on Sport TV’s Today Situation, in which he said Dominic Zoboszlai’s best decision would be from Red Bull Salzburg to Leipzig or Dortmund. He continues his career.

According to Zsolt Petry, there has been no such talent in Hungary since Lajos Détári (Photo: AFP)

For a very long time, maybe since Détari, there hasn’t been a player with this ability in Hungary, at least I don’t remember what he would have been like. The Hungarian national team has had good footballers since then, but it brings together much of what has been achieved in European football today. He sees very well on the field, and has very good intelligence in the game, which is one of the most important things today to be able to perform at this level. ” He began Dominic Zoboszlai Hertha Berlin goalkeeper coach.

“I say from my experience so far that his environment protects him well from big words, whether from the press or the players around him or from attacks by managers. I think if he takes this clearly and in a logical way, he will definitely not choose a star team as the next step, but a team like RB Leipzig in the Bundesliga or Dortmund where he can take the next step. Avoiding the Austrian league in any major Italian, Spanish or German club is a very big leap. It would be better for him to take this intermediate stepIt has closed Petri Zolt His view of the talent of the 20-year-old Hungarian national football team and Red Bull Salzburg.

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