Legionnaires: The Finishes are not yet champions, and they have to play Final

Legionnaires: The Finishes are not yet champions, and they have to play Final

The seven-time Brazilian-born Hungarian national team Paulo Vinicius could have been the top champion in Uruguay, in the spring tournament, that is, in Apertura on Sunday, if it had won the last round, but since he only played a draw with Maldonado, there will be another match .. .

Vinicius (center) and his team to win the league title (Photo: nacional.uy)


The Spring Tournament of Uruguay’s Primeira División circuit, Apertura, brought an exciting end. Hungary’s teams Vinicius, Nacional and Rentstas scored 27 points in the final round, but after the two teams drew 1-1 against Maldonado and Danubio, the two teams will decide in one game on October 14th. Gold Medal in Montevideo.

In Summer Fink, Moll signed Nacional from White Castle and has been a rookie in every match since August 27, usually playing matches throughout the match, being on the field throughout the final round against Maldonado.

Among the Hungarian Legion, Daniel Saloy also played in the US on Sunday local time, finishing in the 81st minute of the 2–1 match against Sporting Kansas City, Nashville.

Uruguay, Section 1
National – Maldonado 1–1
the National: Paolo Vinicius I played through the game.
Phoenix – Penarol 0-0
Penarol: Kriszitán Vadócz A 90 + 3. minutes as an alternative.
Final score for Apertura (Leading Group): 1. Nacional and Rentistas 28-28 points, 3. City of Montevideo.

United States, MLS
Primary section
Sporting Kansas City – Nashville 1-2
SKC: Daniel Saloy It was a substitution, he entered the field in the 81st minute.

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