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Left-wing self-determination won the Kosovo elections

According to the Electoral Commission, 49.95 percent of the electorate voted in favor of self-determination, which is enough for 58 seats in the 120-member legislature.

In second place was the Democratic Kosovo Party (PDK), led by former head of state Hashim Thaçi, with 16.9 percent of the vote, enough for 19 seats, and the third was the Democratic Kosovo Alliance (LDK), led by former ministers. Minister Issa Mustafa (12.64%) 15 seats. Former Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj’s Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK) party and its coalition partners got 7.07 percent, giving them eight seats. Other Albanian parties did not enter the Legislative Council.

National minorities have twenty guaranteed seats in Parliament, ten for the Serbian minority and ten for other national sects. The Belgrade-backed Serbian List got all the places designated for Serbs.

After the final results are announced, the parties have 24 hours to file a complaint about any irregularities with the election commission, or they can even go to court.

It is not yet known when the Kosovo Parliament can be formed, but the constitution stipulates that it must take place within thirty days of the final results of the elections.


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