Leather coats, cola and many other things are forbidden in North Korea

Leather coats, cola and many other things are forbidden in North Korea

in North Korea They haven’t been able to celebrate since 1948 Publicly on Christian holidays since the Kim dynasty has introduced terrorism against religious freedom. However, this is not the only amazing item on the blacklist of the communist state. In the next set in the gallery, we show amazing pictures of the ridiculous iron wagon, and the most unusual taboos.

the orego It also reported that the former national leader, Kim Jong-il – the father of the now ruling dictator – passed away a decade ago, and during the 10-day mourning period ordered for the occasion, people could not drink alcohol, laugh or engage in recreational activities. .

Moreover, there are many more companies in 2021 tighten Also added to the communist state Black list. according to him leather jacket It can only be worn by Kim Jongun – to prevent it from being imitated by citizens – the so-called skinny jeans It is only worn by the corrupt and capitalist men of the West, so it is strictly forbidden to wear it on North Koreans. The fashion police also punish body jewelry, cut dyed hair for nails, and the line is far from finished.

In the compilation of the next exhibition, the amazing blacklist continues. Click on the image!

The photo shows relatively few hairstyles that are allowed in North Korea. Click to see amazing pictures of items, costumes, and habits that will be punished!Forrás: Getty Images / Carl Court

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