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Learn about Britain’s dog-only restaurant – photos
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Learn about Britain’s dog-only restaurant – photos

The Bellflower won the UK competition and is now officially Best Dog Pub.

Welcome to Britain’s best dog pub, with a stick library, two posh-only menus, and even birthday parties for four-legged parties.

The pub menu “A La Barke” (a joke that changes the A La Carte menu to Barking – Ed.) includes hot dogs, hamburgers and shrimp. There is no selection at the pub, they cater to dogs of all sizes, and portions are measured according to the dogs.

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Owners can freely fill their thirsty pets with dog-friendly beer, wine and gin at the pub or at one of the dog pubs outside. There is a dog cane library where dogs can exchange a large cane for a larger one.

And for really good boys and girls, the place offers a special Sunday menu, where dogs can enjoy a Sunday roast just like their owners. For those furry friends who just want a pub snack with their beer, they offer chicken feet and pork belly.


Learn about Britain’s dog-only restaurant – photos


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