Lawyers earn more in Romania than Hungary

Lawyers earn more in Romania than Hungary

According to a survey, lawyers’ salaries are worse than the Hungarian average.

On average, lawyers working in Hungary earn just over € 12,000 per year According to his survey. This means approximately 4.3 million HUF, or 360,000 HUF per month.

The survey examined 24 European countries, followed by Switzerland with an annual salary of 128,402 euros – 46.4 million HUF. In second place is Germany (80 thousand euros) and the United Kingdom (71 thousand euros).

Among the countries in our region, Slovakia was the best performer, with lawyers being paid 42,000 euros a year, almost four times the salary in Hungary. The annual salary of lawyers is 30.3 thousand euros in the Czech Republic and 20.6 thousand euros in Romania. Hungary could only overtake Greece (10.7 thousand euros) and Turkey (9.7 thousand euros).

The survey also looked at how lawyers ’salaries are related to the average salary in a particular country. Accordingly, the salaries of Hungarian lawyers are 9 percent less than the average salary, while their Romanian colleagues are 54 percent better than non-lawyers.

The biggest difference is in Slovakia, where the annual salary of lawyers is 218 percent higher than the average, but in this respect, the situation is also great in Russia (114 percent more). In the last place, the annual salary of a lawyer is roughly equal to that of Hungary, similar to Estonia and Latvia.

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