Launching of the "Yankee Hussar" App

Launching of the “Yankee Hussar” App

The app brings together places related to Hungarian in the United States, from the War of Independence to the present day.

It seeks to map current memories and galactic aspects of the period from the US Declaration of Independence to the present day – from the App Store Really downloadable, But soon to be available on Android – HuGo App.

Few people might know, but in the War of Independence, the Hungarian Hussar, Mihaly Kovats, played a serious role in forming the American cavalry, then lost his life in combat.

It is a symbol of the role of the Hungarians in the creation of the independent United States and in the history of the United States, which is why we chose Hussar when the idea was born. Say builders ideas.

HuGo was born with the active participation of Hungarian organizations in the United States, and the app was developed by the Washington-based Hungary Foundation – Writes Hír TV website.

We Hungarians have contributed to the development of America for hundreds of years, and there is almost no corner in the United States where we cannot find Hungarian footprints. “

Says Anna Smith Lacey, President of the Foundation.

The app has now identified hundreds of places of Hungarian interest, from the California chimney-cake maker to the windows of the Washington National Cathedral to the Hungarian painter and craftsman Ervin Bosani, from the iconic New York skyscraper designed by Emery Roth (Emery Roth). ). Moritz Hotel) to an authentic Hungarian home in Pennsylvania or drum cake “From the site” To one of the statues of Lagos Kossuth.

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HuGo is not only an online map of galactic places with galactic monuments, but it is also a social app with which users can constantly download the places they have found suitable here. In addition, it is an app that strengthens Hungarians living in America and a community that helps users. For those who are vacationing in the United States, but users may include mixed American-Hungarian married families, where children born abroad can, for example, be helped through the app to access community experiences or exchange cultural information HuGo can be in the Hungarian language Also useful On “travelers around the world” And to Hungary “Adores” Americans or Hungarian-minded groups that have similar interests and want to keep in touch with one another.

Speaking of the launch of the “Yankee Hussar” app, the upcoming celebration of “48 Revolution and War of Independence” is of special significance during the pandemic, as “individuals, families and groups forcibly isolated need this experience of collective action. Says Anna Smith Lacey.

Although travel is limited at the moment, HuGo will help us at least find each other roughly now. “

He adds

The app also starts a community activity in which it encourages its members to gather as much space as possible and upload it to the app. In the game starting now on the HuGo Community site – in addition to the smaller prizes – the main prize is a return air ticket between the United States and Hungary.

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