Launch of "Hungarian Netflix", Filmio

Launch of “Hungarian Netflix”, Filmio

An online streaming service has been launched, which lists Hungarian movies FilmoWhere classics and latest Hungarian blockbusters will be available.

more than 220 Hungarian movies and series It will be available to everyone from today Filmo Website: The ever-increasing display sums up the first 120 years of Hungarian films, so we will be able to view archived and revamped films, as well as new works and movie premieres.

Majority of the movies Movie, Including recent successes, such as My treasure. My fortuneAnd the Elviskis, a Lisa, the fairy of the fox And an Academy Award winner Via Saul. Thanks to digital renovation and restoration 120 And therefore Old favorite It can also be viewed with perfect sound and picture quality on the interface like Hippolyte, the forearmAnd the witnessAnd the Pagan Madonna, a Time stops Or the Moskva Square. In addition to the above, the Filmio display is colored Animation, documentaries, and television he is.

Filmio’s monthly fee is 1,190 HUF

On November 19, 2020, the National Film Institute launched its live streaming service, which is available after subscription, as Netflix and HBO GO. Unprecedented Hungarian movie libraryto. In the first month, we can use Filmio Film Services for 890 Ft, then after the trial month, starting in January 1190 ft per monthWe have to pay for the Hungarian films.

Online platform design Similar to Netflix and HBO GO: Browse each movie genre, save products to watch later, and search by tag or genre. Extras will also be available, such as werk movies and stand-up photos.

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Currently broadcast service Only in Hungary Available and even the mobile app is under development. According to plans, Hungarian and English translationIt will also be viewable, a smart TV app will be created, and V4 movie institutes will also be connected to the interface with its own content.

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