László Kövér has also enriched the genre of “political viewing” with unique innovation at the international level.

If a politician likes something, it is … no, not outright support for the loss of public funds, nothing more! Well, maybe not only that.

but what? Well, nothing but a file


A good politician can see in such a way that he becomes an object to watch, that the importance of the act of watching immediately elevates him to an object – I know that sounds confusing, but what is not confusing in life? – He wants everyone to see him that way until his existence is over, so that watching can go on forever.

The real black belt of international views is undoubtedly the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un, whose views the Guardian published separately a few years ago. Gallery making.

Well, now the dear leader has received a rival he hardly expected. László Kövér, the angry leader of the nation, introduced an innovation in the genre that the world had never seen before. I’m not joking!

It all started when the first natural science research investigations were conducted on Hungarian gold bullion, and MTI also reported it. As a regular public media doing its thing, it was revealed from the first lines of the news that Laszlo Kövier, Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament, was asked to be the “principal sponsor of research aimed at the diagnostic examination of archaeometrics and imaging of golden bubbles”. That well yet, in the land of his loyalty, there is no search for anything worthless without a good patron, is it? Horizon program or major political sponsor – there is no doubt which is more important.

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Well, here comes the point. The “news” regarding the natural scientific research of golden bulls continues not with what the research led to, but with the dignitaries who saw relics of historical value. I quote here verbatim, just highlighting my work: “The eight golden bubbles are in the custody of the MNLC under the leadership of Chaba Szabo, Director General of the Archives, and Georgy Rush, Senior Archivist and Deputy Scientific Director I looked at her In the main building of the Hungarian National Archives in Bécsi kapu tér István Bellavics on behalf of László Kövérand the head of the Department of Public Acquisitions and Public Culture in the House of Representatives ”and others, but it does not matter.

so what happened? László Kövér invented the genre promising viewing on behalf or, in other words, delegate viewing. It is promising, because from now on the politician can see it on his behalf anywhere, that is, he can delegate the viewer to anywhere. Unfortunately, it wasn’t clear from the news how Watch As You technically works (viewer As You makes a video, maybe live interactively on some social media platform, technology known from 1995’s Strange Days is in fact used), but we’re hoping it’s innovation, though. Similar to Antal Rogan’s invention, successful enough to learn its details.

In the meantime, we wish the Speaker and his experts more successful viewings!

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