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László Köfer on Sweden joining NATO: It is not certain that we should vote on this

László Köfer on Sweden joining NATO: It is not certain that we should vote on this

According to the spokesman, we do not need such an ally.

“It is not certain that we should vote on this,” he said about Sweden joining NATO. TV news In broadcast Fat Laszlo Speaker of the house.

Controversy erupted over Sweden’s NATO membership – which has already been approved by all member states except Turkey and Hungary, but which the Turkish parliament could also decide on in the fall – after the pro-government press discovered that The European Union and democracy A social science educational video also used in Swedish public education entitled Marton Gulyas He begins his speech declaring that democracy in Hungary has gradually disappeared since 2010.

in days Peter Szijjarto The head of the Prime Minister’s Office noted that the Swedish Foreign Minister indicated further obstruction of Sweden’s accession to NATO because of the film. Gergely Gulyas He spoke about this in the government report on Wednesday that he would propose Matty Coxes To the leader of the Fidesz faction, to show the film at the faction meeting, and then the representatives of the ruling party will decide on the matter.

Laszlo Kover now went further and said:

We do not need an ally who has the same opinion of us and our patriotism as this little film reflects. So what do we look for in an alliance? Someone is out of place.

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