Laszlo Case, who runs Toronto FC, will be Canada's captain -

Laszlo Case, who runs Toronto FC, will be Canada’s captain –

The list of Hungarian experts leading the foreign soccer team may soon be expanded to three coaches: Chapa Laszlo, captain of Lithuania, and Istvan Urbani, captain of the Maldives federation, Laszlo Kiss may lead to the Canadian national team, but the local association is also looking for a coach to lead the Olympic team .

In Canada, the senior and Olympic teams are looking for a professional captain (Image: NS Archive)

László Kiss runs Toronto Vasas FC for nearly a year, and although his work permit is valid for another year, the sixty-three-year-old specialist may leave the Hungarian team in Toronto. The Canadian Football Association will decide in the near future to be the federal captain of the national team and the federal coach of the Olympic team (both positions are currently vacant, although the team will be temporarily headed by Colin Miller as of October).

László Kiss returned to Hungary at the end of 2012 before the Christmas holidays, but he left his professional CV with his friend Zsolt Vécsei, who lives in Canada, and sent the papers to the local association.

“The Canadians have been informed that the list of potential captains I’m a member of has decreased to three,” he said. Laszlo kiss For national sport. “My training papers are on the coalition table, I don’t have a chance to influence the decision, but maybe I will be the chosen one, and that’s a great feeling. The leaders of the Canadian Confederation asked to be patient in a letter a few days ago and said that they will decide from among the candidates as soon as possible, but it will be Also an honorable task to lead the Olympic team. “

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You can read more about the Canadian LÁSZLÓ KISS Grand Challenge this Wednesday for national sports!

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