Laszlo Ballek's successor received harsh and harsh criticism, defended by another star

Laszlo Ballek’s successor received harsh and harsh criticism, defended by another star

It’s possible that Monuki Lil also sees the harsh, sometimes quite Alpine comments about him regarding the new presenter’s work.

She led the first three seasons of Exatlon Hungary and commented on László Palik, and the majority were very satisfied, not least because it meant a great return on his part. We haven’t seen him on TV in years before, and many missed the Formula One broadcasts.

He also broadcast events in Exatlon with great expertise, and then came the surprising news that he had decided not to lead Season 4 again. Your comment started right away, and the majority were more disappointed, but of course you can read the opinions that ‘finally’.

It might not be for everyone, but TV2 had to pick a new specialist when the All Star season launched. Many people had hoped that Zoltán Szujó would be the runner-up, but in the end Monoki Lehel replaced Palik.

During the first broadcast, very harsh comments were made, many of them expressed their dissatisfaction with the presenter. That’s no different now, her performance is still a topic, regarding the interaction with István Szebeni On the official Facebook page Next to.

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“I read these many bad comments about the hosts of Exatlon. Of course, everyone has the right to like the presenter or not.” Sibini started in his long post.

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