Last Minute Internship Tips

last minute internship tipsSchool is out and you have yet to land an internship. Well don’t trip. There are still opportunities to build up your resume this summer. Keep in mind, obtaining a last minute internship requires some hustling. But hard work pays off.

Check out CampusLATELY’s last minute internship tips below:

Companies are still looking!

I know that seems hard to believe when your classmates are getting ready to start their internships but I am still getting emails from companies looking for summer internship recruits. I’ve also heard of students not accepting job offers and leaving employers left hunting for last minute interns. Keep applying.

Look at local small companies!

If you’re looking for a last minute internship target smaller and less publicized companies in their field. These companies offer internships but are not as widely known. Look for your specific job interests. Bigger companies may have started filling positions earlier than May, but small companies are still looking.

Fix your resume!

Your high school resume will not cut it! What does your resume say to the employer? Will it impress them? Make sure that everything on your resume is on there for a reason and your employment details  are tailored towards that specific position you are applying for.

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Look for virtual opportunities!

If you have a skill set that will allow you to look for online opportunities make sure you apply for those. Some companies offer virtual internships (Like CampusLATELY!) that still provide a valuable learning experience and major resume boost.

Do your research!

LinkedIn,, Career Builder and are my favorite jobs search sites.

Indeed is great because it pulls jobs from multiple sites. Each of these job search sites has an app that will allow you to get daily internship openings to your cell phone.

Utilize recruitment companies!

Recruiters are constantly looking to fill positions and get paid to do so. They only have your best interest in mind. Research different recruitment companies in your area. Most companies should have a job search database where you can search for each position. You can choose to apply directly or contact a recruiter regarding that specific internship posting.

These are just a few tips. There are still other ways to land a last minute internship like reaching out to your college alumni and following up with employers from the career fair. As long as you keep it professional it is ok to ask for any opportunities their company has available. It can’t hurt to try.

Good luck on your internship search! Remember, if you don’t land an internship this summer you can still work and develop your skills. And make sure you’re applying for positions year round.


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