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Large prehistoric tools 300,000 years old have been found in Great Britain

Large prehistoric tools 300,000 years old have been found in Great Britain

800 pieces of prehistoric stone tools, more than 300,000 years old, were found during an excavation in Kent, Great Britain. Among the findings, perhaps the largest ancient tools discovered so far in the country emerged.

Researchers from University College London found hundreds of stone tools in Ice Age deposits during an excavation on a hill above the Medway River valley. The range of finds is also enhanced by two foot-sized blades made of flint, which were probably used as axes. Their symmetrical, sharply cut sides meet at the long edge, and they are quite heavy, so according to archaeologists, they were more suitable for processing animals.

Letty Ingre, a senior archaeologist at University College London’s Institute of Archaeology, said finds are usually called “giant” if they exceed 22cm, and the current finds include two of them. The largest is 29 and a half centimeters long, and Ingri says it is the longest ancient tool ever found in Britain.

“These hand axes are so massive that it is difficult to imagine how they could have used them so easily,” the archaeologist said, adding that it is possible that these pieces had a symbolic role, symbolizing strength and skill, rather than a practical purpose. .

It is not yet clear which group of human ancestors used the existing tools. Archaeologists believe that the site dates back to the prehistoric period in early Britain, when Neanderthals appeared and presumably shared the area with other human groups living in the area.

In the photo, Letty Ingre is a senior archaeologist, holding the largest sledgehammer. Image: Southeastern Archeology/UCLA

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