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broke down A team of scientists has studied the behavior of couples that experience a more subtle alienation from each other. Behavior should now be understood as social media posts: More than one million posts and posts from 6,800 Internet users were analyzed by researchers at Princeton University. Scientists used different languages, which can indicate alienation. Specifically, there is a word whose change caught their attention. Before breaking up, one of the parties—but perhaps both—starts talking more and more about themselves, with each number written in the first person rather than in the ‘we’, so not in the plural. Most people probably won’t even notice this small choice of words – Reports of the amazing Blikk hack.

Understand that we are talking about ourselves as a separate entity, not as a couple. It doesn’t even seem subconsciously that we’re making that sound. So we broke up long before we could do it physically. Our expression changes about three to six months before the breakup. The researchers concluded that processing the separation takes about half a year.

Of course, we don’t recommend everyone flirting with their partner’s Facebook feed after the ominous signs. We prefer to speak up if we feel something is wrong.

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