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Lake Pass from Füred to Füred Season

Lake Pass from Füred to Füred Season

The bike path wraps around Lake Tessa and provides a huge experience for cyclists.

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According to Peter Niedermüller, it was better for the Irish people than being Hungarian on Tuesday يوم

I just read an interesting suggestion that if we approach cyclists strictly from an economic point of view, the situation is certainly not so rosy. We do not buy a car for many millions, we do not refuel tens of thousands, we do not enrich neither service stations nor compulsory insurance companies.

Because we enrich ourselves with experiences. Who’s the smallest, who’s the biggest – to us, the Lake Tissa detour is the last category, even if the 67 kilometers described don’t seem like much. Not even that, but the last lines seemed long…

That’s enough for Sarod

I’ve already walked to Tokaj and back, and occasionally cycled 20 km on the Tissa Bridge, but this isn’t the year, aside from this, it didn’t cross my mind that “we don’t turn around Lake Tissa?” Answer no to this question.

Among the poppy trees leading to the road against the background of the lake Photo: Ferenc Dudu

I thought if I couldn’t stand it, I’d turn back or rest a few times at most, and in the end it turned out differently.
It was almost noon by the time we got to Tiszafüred and the bike center was packed not only with cyclists but also with cyclists. Two classes of kids arrived, and the rental crew didn’t seem ready for them, so we only started later than planned.

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Other than that, the venue itself is an ideal jumping off point for those arriving by car and want to rent a bicycle on site, and the building also serves as an observation point for bikes.

The not-quick, but at least kind staff suggested that we go to Sarod and get back there: in their experience 34 kilometers would be enough for us to get back to closing, that is, six in the afternoon. We split, hit, and nodded, yeah, he’s right, we don’t have to take the full turn at first, we’ll have the half. Of course, that wasn’t enough.

Tessa? Nana!

You can bike all over the lake, and there is hardly a section where you can’t see the water. The track is part of the EuroVelo 11 cycle route, which crosses Europe from Norway to Greece, the final phase of which was the construction of the bridge linking Füred and Poroszló last year. It crosses the lake in a transverse direction and is completely safe because the cyclists are separated from the cars by a handrail.

At Tiszana we have delicious lemonade instead of lunch

Over the course of almost seven kilometers, the designers created observation points and images in several places, which we also took advantage of, so that great pictures could be taken. We didn’t even notice while watching, but Boroszlo had already arrived, and along the shore many fishermen tried to get a better view of the fish. Some brought a tent, while the cauldron indicated to others that dinner would be cooked there as well.

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We also saw seniors, young adults and families with young children who enjoyed the good weather, fresh air and lake view. And what about scrolling. We stared into the water, admired the birds, and because the uphill terrain didn’t require much effort, we were already there in Sarod. It was funny going back so early, and not long after that, we found ourselves in Tiszanana. In most places the finishing touches were by buffets, here, for example, the noise of mowers broke the silence, but the beach was so tidy and inviting with so many colorful wooden sunbeds that we installed a bar-lemonade-ice-cream resting.

Ladder the fish in the small circle

We got our feet stuck in the water and decided to move on. We figured if we kept the pace, we’d go back to six smoothly while eating lunch somewhere in the meantime. The Abádszalók is somewhere, lost a bit due to the lack of signs, but before that we even looked at the Kisköre Dam and the associated fish ladder – the latter being the largest ecological corridor in Central Europe. It bypasses the dam with a channel of about 1,400 meters in length, providing fish with freedom to migrate all year round between Lake Tisza and the lower part of the dam.

We celebrated with lemonade عصير

So after we found the right way (the bike), we ate different types of cheese at Abádszalók and a pie that consumed twice the calories we wrap ourselves in. It was just over twenty miles away at the time, and our time was running out. We drove along the perfect quality fender bike path, and when I really thought the straights and bends would never end, we just got there. We were five minutes late, but we did it! We celebrated with lemonade and were joined by hundreds of mosquitoes.

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I’m not saying we weren’t tired, but it was worth it! Those with more time can try the inflatable obstacle course built on the waters of Adventure Village in Sarrodon while biking, brave people can try their hand at the only climbing base on Lake Tisza, but educational trails and islands are also there waiting for travelers. We enjoyed the ride without them, and no one can be 67 kilometers away from us.

Lake Tessa

One of the most famous lakes in Hungary, Lake Tisza is the second largest standing water in Hungary after Lake Balaton. Lake Tisza has an area of ​​127 square kilometers, a maximum length of 27 kilometers and a maximum width of 6 kilometers. It is an artificial lake that was built between 1967 and 1973, and it was created due to the use of water. The lake is surrounded by a bike path, and there are six free beaches along the shore. The aquatic and plant life of Lake Tisza is unique.

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