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Lajos Palazovits went from being a complex little boy to becoming a woman’s idol – Eva Almásy was the only person he had to start working with

Lajos Palazovits went from being a complex little boy to becoming a woman’s idol – Eva Almásy was the only person he had to start working with

The young boy quickly recovered from his complexes after finding success with the school’s student drama group. At first, she was “patterned” into the roles of a girl, a witch, and a princess. Her mother made the skirt out of crepe paper and the curls out of cotton wool. It was not only his school performance that made him famous, but also his ability to brilliantly imitate teachers. Luckily for him, his teachers weren’t abusive, and he even rewarded his nerd sense of humor, which he doesn’t really excel at. But mostly the girls were there for the increasingly better-looking young man. Lajos also broke hearts beautifully, because he couldn’t be with anyone for long.

He was discreet with the ladies

After graduating, he applied to be an actor, but because of his father, who was a famous lawyer, he submitted his papers to the law school as well, but he didn’t go for admission. Considered one of the most gifted in the performing arts, it’s no wonder the charming young man was nearly ripped off by filmmakers. He was also discovered by Italian directors, and he even spent a month or two abroad in Italy. “I often think about what would have happened if I had defected. Then it started right away: then my daughter, whom I love so much, would not have been born,” Lajos Palazovits previously told Storey.

In Abigail, the actor played Professor Kalmar (Image: ARCHIVES)

And the actor did not deny that he was “kidnapped” in those days. However, he claims to be conservative. After his separation, perhaps that is why the ladies did not take offense at him, and for the most part he remained a friend to them. In the mid-1970s, he met his later wife, Eva Almásy, at a performance of Néró. “For the first time in my life, I had to take the initiative. I remember confessing my love to him under the halls of Madách tér. We got married in 1974. Usually a person has a very strong relationship with his parents. You need luck to later find a partner with whom you can develop a strong and deep relationship. It worked with Eva.”

“Stability for women only”

Since they were on good terms with actress Edith Domjan, who died in tragic circumstances, they named their daughter, born in 1975, after her. “I wasn’t a very good father. When Edith was one month old, I picked myself up and traveled to Italy again for several months. Thank God Eva stood by me. I think only women have stability.” Later, of course, the father also “hid” from the actor. He took his daughter skiing and sledding. When little Edit Balázsovits has grown into a beautiful teenage girl, the father decides it is time to feed her and put her baby to sleep. “I wanted to show him how a knight should behave with a lady. I hoped he would choose suitors accordingly.”

He and his daughter, Tahrir, looked very much alike (Photo: Archives)

He ended up working as a loader

If the actor’s personal life is in order, big roles await him. “I always thought another ship would come, but they passed me in line.” In 1990, he decided to give up acting. Since his cousins ​​lived in Germany, he decided to move out, join his relatives’ shipping company, and return home as a wealthy businessman. To learn the trade, he started from the bottom up, as a stacker in the family business near Düsseldorf. He would pack up during the day and excel at the village dance hall in the evening. The talented loader became more and more suspicious in the eyes of the locals, and they even asked what he was doing at home. Lagos eavesdropped that he was organized. He knew that maybe he could achieve what he wanted in a year, but he gave up and went home. “I always wanted to be different than I used to be. Éva and Edit, as always, supported me in this German adventure. My family is the most generous companion in my life. Without them, I would probably survive on the streets.”

After returning home, he again chopped his ax into something he had never done before: he applied for and won the position of theater manager. The director has not assigned himself a role for a long time. However, on the anniversary, he decided to go on stage again and play the lead role in Gázláng’s show with great success for some time. “Life is fair in the long run, it’s hard to go on until then. I managed. When I was 45 years old, I thought nothing would happen to me. Now, at 55, I am full of anticipation. It would be nice if all this lasted a little longer, because it’s so beautiful! ” – said the actor, who led the stage game for twenty years, and retired from the world stage forever in 2012.

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