Bokros Lajos: ez a gazdaságpolitika őrületbe kergeti a gazdaságot

Lagos Pocross: This economic policy is driving the economy crazy

The government buys votes for 750 billion forints, the background of which was created by cutting 750 billion forints. But economist Lajos Boucros, a former finance minister, said there was no doubt that the counter would be zero. on club radio.

According to him, while the government, in addition to using salary increases and funds granted to pensioners, families and youth in this year’s elections, announced austerity measures. However, we won’t be able to see these restrictions until the elections, the plan is that they won’t come into effect until after the elections.

In addition to 6 per cent economic growth, 7 per cent inflation and an overall government deficit of 8 per cent are expected, Lagos Boucros said, illustrating how flawed Hungarian economic policy is. In his opinion, when the economy grows significantly, the economy should not be heated but cooled. The high general government deficit is the only source of inflation and indebtedness.

In addition, the jump in public debt above 80 percent of GDP is already dangerous territory. And the former treasurer added, especially since the government is trying to spend in advance the sums that we did not even get from the European Union.

In response to the program presenter’s suggestion that the Orban government is still giving money to pensioners and families, Bucross asked: “If it’s not that simple, why not give twice that, why are you satisfied with 80 thousand forints in the fall?” In his opinion, this economic policy is driving the economy crazy.

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