Lack of parties is the "political no-man's land" in the European Parliament

Lack of parties is the “political no-man’s land” in the European Parliament

Analyst: The lack of parties is the “political no-man’s land” in the European Parliament

Obviously, Fides has left the center of European decision-making – that’s what our opposition officials told our news after the Hungarian ruling party left the largest party family in the European Union, the European People’s Party. According to them, this move would also be a loss for Hungary. ATV News Report.

“Time to say goodbye,” Catalin Novak said on her Twitter page that Fides was leaving the EPP. The move was not surprising, as Fides left the party family’s parliamentary group on March 3 after voting to amend the statute so that not only members, but entire delegations, could be excluded and suspended from movement.

According to Viktor Orban, the “Brussels bubble” deals only with how to put one member or another in a difficult position by amending laws. The Prime Minister said, “We said that was fine, thank you, that was enough for us.”

Donald Tusk, president of the People’s Party, also succinctly stated that Fides had left Christian democracy years ago. However, for now, there is only speculation as to which direction he might take in the future.

According to Andras Pollay, the fact that Fidesz is kept away from the dominant political party, the largest parliamentary faction, is a clear loss.

According to the Strategic Director of Publicus Institute, “the absence of a party family is the land of political no-man’s land in the European Parliament”: minimal power and almost no opinion

Our newsletter also drew Paula’s attention to the fact that the People’s Party has the greatest say in all important matters.

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According to experts, Fidesz could form an alliance with the European Union’s skeptical conservative and reformist party, with the Polish ruling party, currently allied with the Hungarian government, the biggest power. But there was also the more extreme issue of identity and democracy, which also includes the Matteo Salvini League and the far-right Marine Liben Party.

Speaking to our newsletter, Catalin Chih (Momentum) said that Viktor Orban and Vidis are out of the circle of decision-making in Europe. Istvan Ogili (MSZP) drew attention to the fact that there was only room left for Fides among “populist, illiberal, anti-democratic parties”, which, in the politician’s view, was tragic for Hungary.

Fidesz’s more than two-decade history ended in the party family, as he joined the European Alliance of Conservative Right Parties in 2000.

The Czech Republic: Fides drifted outside the center of decision-making

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